Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is beginning a new stage in our path of Discipleship with the Alpha Course!

I love this episode of Mr. Bean going to church. For many, this is what church is like and when they see comedy bits like this it only affirms assumptions. Then some of these assumptions are affirmed when they attend a church and, though not all would be like this in form, they find that they are outsiders.

Try Alpha from Alpha USA on Vimeo.

This is Alpha. A place to come and ask the questions that you have without fear of judgment. It is a place to explore and find out what more is out there for you in your life. Of course, our hope is that in coming you will become a part of our faith family, but there is no pressure or expectation that by attending you will be expected to do so. In each session, you will be with others that are asking questions too. You may find that others have the same questions as you and have faced or are facing similar difficulties. In these times, our hope is that you will become connected with the other people that you are with each week. At the minimum, our hope is that you will gain new friends with whom you can share your life.

We are just beginning this journey at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, so it is a work in progress for us. Thankfully we have the tools and support of the Alpha Team and materials.

Wednesday evenings we meet at 5:30 for the meal and you will be out of here by 8:00. If you would like to learn more email We are excited about this because we know that there are many that are searching for something more.

Try Alpha from Alpha USA on Vimeo.