Luther House of Study

Luther House of Study offers great tools to learn more about the Lutheran Christian faith, what we believe and what differentiates us from other Protestant Christian groups in our theology and how we understand the Word of God. It helps us see the Christ-centered nature of our faith and how we thoughtfully look to the Word of God as the sole norm of our faith and life. To be Lutheran is to be Christian devoted to the Word and seeking to bring that Word out into the world through our witness in our work and our support of our neighbor.

Adult Sunday School

We have Adult Sunday School following services to enrich our faith journey and grow to better be witnesses of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Children and Youth Sunday School

We have Sunday School for our children and youth following our services.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm as we study the Bible with one another. It is usually a highly engaging night with great discussion as we wrestle through the Scriptures with one another.

Other Education Resources

Sola Publishing

A great location to find out some great studies and information to grow and learn in faith.

Lutheran Hour Men’s Ministry

A wonderful ministry that offers a great variety of resources that can be used to enhance and enrich your faith life and journey. Great video driven studies that are informative and often entertaining.

Right Now Media

This is a member based site that if you are interested you may email Pastor Chris and he may add you to the group. It is like Netflix for the Christian Bible Study Media world.