When baptized as infants or young children a promise is made by our parents and sponsors that they would insure that we have the Word of God placed in our hands, would be taught in the faith, and would be brought to worship regularly. Unfortunately, these promises are not always maintained by parents and sponsors, but we as a congregation try to assist as we can to help the parents and the sponsors in maintaining their promises through Sunday School and Confirmation.

That is the point of this logo. We, as we grow in the faith, seek to confirm the faith that we have been baptized into, in doing this we affirm that baptism, inform our minds in Christ, and transform our hearts through the working of the Holy Spirit as we study and grow in the Word of God. We are saved by the Cross of Christ and that alone.

These promises don’t just stop as we age. This is truly a life long process. The Small Catechism was not meant to be just Confirmation-2017-18usedas a tool for youth, but a lifelong devotion to be able to deepen faith and grow deeper in understanding the Word of God. It is a great opportunity for families to grow together in a positive way.

This motto is not just for those that are children in a family, but for all of us as children of God. We are a part of this glorious family of God. This is a gift that many of us may take for granted, especially if there has never been a time in our lives that we have not been a part of the church. For those that have not grown up in the promise, the words that are revealed to us in the Catechism as well as in our study of the Word is freeing and renewing.

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